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Active since 2012, DawnSeeker Studio is a small indie game studio run by speculative fiction author Rowan Rook.


DawnSeeker Studio specializes in narrative games, unconvential gameplay styles, and unusual genre combinations. The studio's projects vary in size and scope from small free games, to full length indie games. DawnSeeker Studio believes that video games are not only a potent provider of fun and escapism, but an art form, and a powerful storytelling medium. DawnSeeker Studio works to develop games that you'll remember long after the final battle concludes.

DawnSeeker Studio's first project, released in 2013, was Happy Birthday, a murder mystery game available for free download. Upcoming games include a turn-based RPG, a life simulation game blended with rougelike elements, an interactive horror novel, and a murder mystery sequel.

DawnSeeker Studio is still young, with ambitions to expand in the future.

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