Glass Demo Version 1.0

Notes: a full demo walkthrough will be available shortly. Meanwhile, this FAQ features common tips and solutions that will help you clear the demo.

If you need additional help to get through the demo, or have a question not addressed here, feel free to contact me.

Note that this FAQ contains minor spoilers, so using it is only recommended if you’re really stuck.

General Tips:

I suggest experimenting and exploring for yourself, but here are some general tips for players who want them:

  • Item usage is a very important aspect of battle strategy in Glass. Always make sure to stock up on items and use them liberally.

  • Ervay is an inefficient physical attacker. Try to focus his turns on items and skills. Equipping weapons and other articles that play to these aspects, rather than raw Strength, is also recommended.

  • If characters don't seem to be able to act often enough, try optimizing their Agility with equipment.

  • If you press SHIFT while selecting a target enemy, you can view several pages of data about that enemy. Ervay's 'Sensitive' Anxiety skill can unlock more information, including their elemental weakness. Utilizing weakness against enemies is highly effective.

  • Don't forget to make full usage of Anxiety skills. Ignoring them may lead to an Anxiety Break, and many of these skills are effective in their own right.

  • Sometimes it is worth it to let a character reach an Anxiety Break to unlock their powerful Anxiety Attack, although the lingering Anxiety State will make them difficult to use afterwards

  • Elenore's 'Double Lunge' skill is particularly fast, and as such, often pushes her up the action cue when used.

  • Although the effect is only temporary, Elenore's 'Queen of the Castle' Anxiety skill is useful when overwhelmed in battle.

  • Elenore's 'Fury' Anxiety skill can also combo well with her 'Queen of the Castle' Anxiety skill.

  • Ervay's 'Frustration' Anxiety skill can be useful against early game enemies, as well as against enemies with weakness to 'divine' elemental skills.

  • If you need to a place to gain experience between the first dungeon and the demo's final boss, you can return to the caves to continuing fighting the dungeon's enemies and explore an optional area. You can also finish any sidequests that were left unfinished in the first dungeon there.

  • Try to find Journal pages to unlock additional Anxiety skills for Ervay.

  • Carefully consider your answers to conversation prompts - building relationships unlocks additional Anxiety skills for party members.

  • Try to explore the environment thoroughly - there are plenty of equipment and items that will aid survival.

How do I Unlock the Silver Chests?

Certain enemies, such as the Blue Wisp, will rarely drop Silver Keys. You can spend one of these keys to unlock a Silver Chest.

How can I get Passed the Gap in the Dungeon?

Take a large wooden painting from any wall downstairs and use it to bridge the gap.

How do I Unlock the Study in the Dungeon?

Hint 1: You can find letters and numbers written in red in every unlocked room upstairs. These correspond to something else in the dungeon.

Hint 2: After discovering that the study door is locked, you can interact with the piano downstairs.

Super Hint: The letters written in red correspond to piano notes, and their corresponding numbers are the order in which they should be played.

Full Solution: Interact with the piano and play the notes B, G, and D in that order.

How do I Escape the Rainy Area?

Search for three hidden diary pages within the area, then walk towards the center.

How do I Defeat the Gang of Enemies in Dungeon's Basement?

Because these new enemies are weak to 'divine' element attacks, Ervay's 'Frustration' Anxiety skill is particularly useful. Skills that damage groups are also useful - make sure to utilize your new party member fully, as he has multiple skills that hurt more than target.

How do I Defeat the Dungeon's Boss?

The weaker enemies that accompany the boss are resistant to physical attacks but weak to most elemental skills, while the boss itself resists all elemental skills. Physical attacks are neutral against it, so weakening its Stamina with Elenore's Hilt Hit skill and then focusing on blunt or pierce attacks can be effective. Make sure to pack many healing and sleep curative items, as the boss possesses a skill that has a chance of putting targets to sleep. The boss also has a skill that deals major damage specifically to targets who are asleep, and another which damages all character who are already low in HP, so make sure to stay healed up as much as possible! Also, remember that you can save and heal at the beds in most dungeon's rooms beforehand.

How do I Defeat the Demo's Final Boss?

If you have difficulty with the miniboss battle (the one with Ervay alone), I'd suggest training Ervay to level 8, which is when he learns the 'Hail' skill. This skill, which targets all enemies, will be useful in both the miniboss battle and the boss battle. During the final boss battle, new, weaker enemies will spawn every few turns (there can be up to four of these enemies). These enemies are weak, but many of the boss' skills, and these skills of the minion enemies, increase in power according to the total number of enemies on the field. All enemies can also heal and resurrect their allies, including the boss, so knocking out minion enemies as they appear is recommended. Because all of these enemies are weak to 'divine' element attacks, Ervay's 'Frustration' Anxiety skill is particularly useful, as are skills that target multiple enemies or that have high critical hit chances. It is most efficient to try to finish this battle as quickly as possible - before all of the enemies can help each other - so don't hold back! (After all, this is the demo's final battle, so you may as well use all of your items and SP!)