Happy Birthday Version 2.2


Notes: this walkthrough contains spoilers, so using it is only recommended if you’re really stuck. Also note that, with a few exceptions, the actions in a chapter can be completed in any order. There are also a few optional items that you can present/areas to examine, but for the most part, only required actions are listed here.


Investigate small yellow object on hallway floor (bullet)

Investigate gun on hallway floor

Speak with father (all options)

Show father gun

Speak with uncle (all options)

Speak with nanny (all options)

Investigate large puddle of blood on floor

Investigate glove-print on window

Go into second bedroom (middle-left exit)

Investigate glove-print on window

Investigate bed (near blood)

Select ‘Peek under bed’

Go back into 2nd floor hallway

Show nanny gloves

Show uncle boots

Go into first bedroom (lower-left exit)

Investigate either bed

Go back into 2nd floor hallway

Go into main lounge (bottom exit)

Speak with boy (all options)

Go back into 2nd floor hallway

Show nanny ghost stories

Go into master bedroom (right exit)

Investigate small book table beside the left-most bed

Go back into 2nd floor hallway

Investigate exit to bathroom

Select ‘I’m coming in!’

Talk to sister (all options)

Go back into 2nd floor hallway


Go into main lounge

Talk to landlady (all options)

Go into 1st floor hallway (doors under balcony)

Talk to father (all options)

Talk to nanny (all options)

Investigate either of the right exits

Go into living area (lower-left exit)

Investigate green object on table (mask)

Talk to uncle (all options)

Show uncle mask

Go back into 1st floor hallway

Go into 1st floor bathroom (upper-left exit)

Talk to sister (all options)

Talk to boy (all options)

Go back out into 1st floor hallway

Select ‘the uncle’

Show ‘bloody boots’, ‘mask’, and ‘uncle’s statement’ (in any order)

Select ‘the sister’

Show ‘sister’s location’ and ‘sister’s scrape’ (in any order)

Select ‘the landlady’

Show ‘landlady’s identity?’ and ‘landlady’s statement’ (in any order)


Go into dining room (lower-right exit)

Examine envelope on right end of table

Select ‘Let’s have a look’

Go back into 1st floor hallway

Go into kitchen (upper-right exit)

Examine rolled document on table

Go back into 1st floor hallway

Show father inheritance deed

Select ‘the sister’

Show children’s beds and threatening card (in any order)

Show extra bullet and sister’s scrape (in any order)

Show bloody glove-prints

Select ‘was never worn by the killer!’

Show inheritance deed

Select whichever option you prefer